Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cranberry Challenge.

THIS IS LIKE 4 MONTHS LATE!! But we are Back!!
We gave ourselves a challenge to make outfits in a week...challenge really was to get ourselves off our lazy bums and DO SOMETHING! Luckily for us, Ozzy's mom sent her a trunkload of Ankara fabric, Now yall know we have Never used african print in our clothes BUT its so IN right now, plus it was about to be summer and the thought of running around in some casual ankara printed tops and skirts was heavenly! Lord knows i love cranberry but Honestly Life and other shit often gets in the way of your intentions! But before i digress, I want to POST our cranberry challenge. ALL pieces were made by Oz, Abby, Jo and I and were sold immediately (to Kaven's lil model friend's lol). It was fun to work with the girls again, it was fun to shoot and it was fun to style. The other girl in the video is Ify Jones, our gorgeous pal.


Cranberry Kisses!!!

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Zena said...

loved the collection, pity it sold out!!! that one was nepotism/favoritism,

hope you guys are here too stay