Monday, March 9, 2009

Im a Vmailerrr!!!!!!

Hi ladies!!

    Sooooo as I was checking my gmail today I got this random msg from a random person and I swear I was soooo confused. Apparently he saw my pic in a mag and he liked my smile...aww sweet..thanks luv! Still mega confused I racked my brain for all the crazy things I had done and then I remembered that some dude in NY had approached me and asked to take my pic for Vmagazine!!! and so I went on google and searched and I saw my picc!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! I'm supposed to get a mag in the mail but I want to go out and get it right now!!!!!!!! Lol....Im happy and I like the pic..but I wonder if I will keep getting mail from ppl...hmmm?!

Look Inside >> 
Spring Preview 2009



CultureCynic said...

awwwww congrats Jo...!!!! weird how u also have a bowler hat just like Ms. JOnes on the the cover!!!!!!

bob-ij said...

That's so nice!..I want to be in a magazine too!! You looked good tho!


Chi-Chi said...

so cool : )

Jo said...

Thanks guys! sure dooo!!!!!hahahaha...maybe i inspired the cover of the playing ooo...b4 someone insults me...


Ovay West said...

yay jo!!!