Tuesday, August 19, 2008


O' wayfarer, How fair thou art!

You were created in the fifties by a little company called Rayban

and then soooooooared quickly to fame after being perched on the bridge of Holly Golightly's eccentrically fabulous nose in breakfast at Tiffany's!

Since then you have made several appearances in subsequent fashion culture - from the rocking 70s to the Big hair 80s to the 90s...wait!!... (i am not sure you made an appearance in the 90s?!)..hmm...but anyway.....till today! Wayfarer..you are still here today...and although you are not always branded Rayban lol...your wonderful classical shape is seen on the shelves of stores worldwide including pharmacy stores like CVS and rite aid...lol ..You range from $ (for those who don't care about labels) to $$$( for the label whores who need the RAYBAN stamp of authenticity).....So although you are quite Loose : other words to describe you - common, cheap, available, easily obtained - we are convinced of your very intriguing ability to resurface....so wayfarer with that, we fashion lovers believe a pair or ten wouldn't hurt..after all there is nothing better than a product with no expiration date!

Sunglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses!!!
I think ozzy's sunglasses are mad cool(below)...we found them at this vintage store in new york...around 14th street...its a store only full of very wacky vintage sunglasses...bedazzled, excessively excessive sunglasses lol...fun trying em on....
The Marc Jacobs are soooooo sexy! i am obsessed with sunglasses - I know its considered kind of LOCAL lol to wear sunglasses in a club lol but damn i am pushing to make it cool and trust me it has been a BUMPY, insult ridden ride as my friends have never hesitated to finish my life when i make the mistake of donning a pair lol - i think we should stop calling em sunglasses and just call them HATER BLOCKERS - or lets just accept that it has a dual function - to block the sun in the day and to block the hate at night lol... I know i am not convincing anyone lol...but really do me a favor, go out one day...and wear your sunglasses in the club...TRUST ME...it makes you feel slightly invincible...lol...like you feel a lot more free and relaxed because you cant catch anyone's judgemental eye haha.....BUT I am going to move on because i KNOW i am alone in this...TRUST me the rules will relax one day and ill be the first to be on the dance floor in my sunglasses...this PREJUDICE against night sunglassers wearing has got to STOP! :)
I am mad celebrities get a pass. ...lol...
Anyway i included pictures of fashionable reading glasses i saw at H&M (Blue and red plastic frames) and some bright wayfarers sunglasses!


Cranberry Kisses!!!


CultureCynic said...

hahahahaahaha sunglasses at night, how very "Supervillian"!!.... but it is certainly not for "everybody".....the point is to look like u r a "somebody" while wearing them innit...or look less "high" or i guess in some cases "oblivious to the haters" .lol but i kinda tot celebs wore them to deflect paparazzi flashbobs or appear less stoned...no???

But i suppose constant wearing of sunglasses at night could eventually lead to "delusions of awesomeness",i mean wot happens on the nights one forgets to don a pair? ... Wouldn't want to find out...

eny said...

totally agree with culturecynic..what happens when u'r not wearing a pair, lol.

Good 2 hav u guys back ....... totally been on ur page like att 4 ur updates , lol.

I totally see u guys designing outfits for Solange Knowles..... no kidding! Shows hw much i feel ur fashion taste, lol. :)

Nicole said...

Your ode to the wayferer is so cute! Btw can we have more on the shop in NYC with all those glasses?

Anonymous said...

Hot glasses!!I love the Marc Jacobs.

pharmacy said...

Sun glasses at night is the worst thing I have ever seen, looks so dumb and ridicule.