Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ThisDay Festival...

Na soo oo... lol....I've always wanted to say that! lol

So Doreen and I decided that we were of course going for the This day festival being held in my backyard..DC :)....we knew it was going to be an awesome show (judging from their previous shows) and did I mention that Jay-Z was performing?!....Anyway...we went and was such a great show...Bigups to Thisday and Bigups to Nigeria. I was highly impressed!


The first performer was Youssou N'dour, a Grammy winning artist from Senegal. He is such an amazing artist - his voice , his band, his musicality - it was totally inspiring. He sang this song at the end which was about a positive was totally chillworthy ...dude is sick...For those who dont know him, please google him and download Youssou said at the beginning of the act "Jayz might be a headliner of the show BUT the african acts are the content of the show" please lets support our AFrican Musicians!...

The second performer was John Legend whom i love....More so since Dental school because he is my music of choice on those exam days when i need to stay awake lol. He did an awesome job as i expected...He is a great "Live performer...and he performed a new song called "goodmorning" which was so beautiful...and he also got the whole audience singing along with him, "Take it slowwwwwww, this time we will take it slowwwwwww"....Awesome!

Unfortunately, D'banj and Tuface did not perform at the thisday festival due to Flight conflicts....BUMMER.

The last performer was Jayz! If I wasn't a Jay-Z fan before...well I am now one 100%(Dont get me wrong oh, I am and will always be A Fan) rapper aliver.... His swag mehn...I am convinced he has links to the devil because anything he asked me to do, be it throw up a ROC sign or chant HOVA! HOVA! - i did it with all the energy in my chest lol....I friggin had a religious experience....And PLEASE, who are all the haters yarning that Jayz isnt Handsome...PLEASE he is fugging SEXY!!I KID YOU NOT!...Fresh to death...his skin is so soft and smooth lol...the epitome of GOOD LIVING...I was seriously hating on beyonce...GAWSH.....I wanted to follow him wherever he was going.....we saw some chick backstage and we convinced ourselves that that was Bee(you know i went crazy lol) really looked like her and she was really dancing during Jay's performance. AWWWW!!!! I love Bigga!!


I know very little about MOMO except that her collection was soo fieeerrrcceeeee.....when I saw her stuff (resort 2009) come down the runway I was sooo impressed with the cut of the dresses and choice of fabric...AND her fabrics were all Made in Nigeria...isnt that INCREDIBLEE!!! - Dude i dont know want i am doing in this country ...Nigeria is honestly the place to be....Her clothes were absolutely gorgeous....very ladylike...very flowy...awesome....I soo want one of her dresses!!!!! And she sounds like my one of my auntiesss!!!!! lol (proper Nigerian lady!)
And of course everybody knows the Deola Sagoe is sooo SICK...her collection was really HOT. Her inspirations were the rich african fabrics and the victorian era (what a contrast) - she had a very interesting and totally original collection - she had this swatch dress - Like swatches of different square swatches of fabrics used to create this very free moving dress ( i just had to gasp) and like very interesting collars on her was very inspiring!!

Both designers REALLY killed it...i was impressed and truely inspired me to DO Maybe One day we would show at the this day festival...for now...its Practice makes perfect! lol...!!!

Chris Aires collection had jewelry that came up to $450 million in total...YEAH....I wish...I just wish that I could have stolen like 2 outfits at least....I KID! or maybe not...but Tyson walked for his collection and I nearly swooned when I laid my eyes on him...what a HUNK!

Yeah so thats it....after the show...we went to the official after party at Ibiza...good times were had by all!...met lots of cool folk!
The Thisday festival continued with fab performances from Tuface, Naeto C and Ikechukwu at H20 nite club in DC the next day (Dbanj wasnt there).

Bigups to Mr Obaigbena for helping to represent Africa in an awesome light.


And i just have one more thing to say...



Cranberry Kisses!!!


Zena said...

For one thing, I'm happy the show was a success, I envy you guys for having been there, couldn't make it...I just wish we as Nigeria as a country would shape up in every aspect....sooner rather than later too

Cranberry said...

Yeah I know....I am very happy that at least an aspect of Nigeria is growing...I have no doubt that it will become a better place in the coming years...err by the graceof God..

Lish said...

A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE??!!!!! hahaha I love it and its sooooo true! I think we maybe apart of a cult or something. I'M SO GLAD YOU GUYS ARE BACK!

Anonymous said...

Is that Neto C and Ikechukwu an Tuface?? Oh my goodness! Super jealous of you guys right now! I just came back to this blog and saw all of this! I have a lot to read!