Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chanel 2.55

I guess i am on a roll with timeless fashion pieces!
I consider myself quite the collector of the Chanel 2.55 model. I do driveby's in new york vintage markets & resale stores HOPING to get my hands on a well preserved, very beautifully made, AUTHENTIC, classic Chanel purse .
They mostly all possess the distinct look made popular since 1955 which is the lambskin quilted leather, the gold tone hard ware with a leather and gold
chain shoulder strap and a flap top closure with the Chanel interlocking CC twist lock. Gorgeous.
All credit goes to the late great Coco Chanel of course, who said, and i quote, "Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics." And create classics she did!

Coco Chanel

I actually sort of despise her lol (God forgive me), for all the times she has made me shell out money for a purse i KNOW i don't need but MUST HAVE. But yes!!!..sometimes you have to weigh the odds - hmm Food..... or Fashion????...tough cookie!
But anyway for those Chanel enthusiasts who want to stock up on some Chanel 2.55 model bags, you have to be aware that many fakes exist! I personally don't like EBay for that reason alone , i prefer hitting up stores and personally checking for authenticity.
You should know that authentic vintage Chanel handbags have interior labels on the inside which are either a gold or silver Chanel stamp, embossed Chanel logo, rectangular leather label with Chanel sign in gold or silver, oval label with embossed Chanel logo, black label with Chanel in white color or black label with vertical lines. If there is no label boo boo its fake!!
You should also check for a Chanel logo on ALL zipper pulls PLUS your Chanel handbag should come with a serial number sticker, a seven or eight digit code which should match the authenticity card that comes with your hand bag.
And lastly { and which i found out the hard way bah:( } When checking the details of vintage Chanel handbags, make sure you’ve taken closer look at the CC logo. The top portion of the right C must overlap the top portion of the left C and the bottom portion of the left C must overlap the bottom portion of the right C!
if you look out for these features, you would be able to Bag (no pun intended) yourself a totally authentic vintage Chanel handbag!!


Chanel bags are truly timeless. They been synonymous with luxury and fashion for over 50 years. The vintage bags are generally cheaper than brand new ones but are still quite pricey and a great investment. You can use it and sell it for almost as much as you paid for it and hand it down to your little girl - Unfortunately for me, i have about 3 older sisters who are rocking my mom's Chanel's with no interest in letting it pass down the food chain - so Joan and I eat last! BAH :( - but anyway my daughters will be set! And would probably covet the purses just as much as my sisters do! So ladies, hold on to your Chanel's! Someday you may be able to sell them for a good amount of money or pass them down to your daughters who may covet them more than you!

I am going to leave on a Chanel note, with some of Coco Chanel's very wise quotes i love and live by!!

Cranberry Kisses!!!!


Cheetarah said...

Yay! A post on my magic number! Im a secret reader of your blog, doe I neva manage to comment but today,today! 2.55 made me!
You guys style is real cute and suits you, y´all shd be up in London..u have that vibe.

Ok back to the post, I went to a vintage marche 3mths ago and found a flap for €500 but it was sooo old i didnt bother bargining, plus i like my money to show aka the interlocking cc,lol! It was a treasure cave of sorts coz they had bags and clothes from like the 50´s str on and even saw a chadelier and marie antionette type gown!

Check out the purseblog, it were the obsessed gather and u´ll find a catagory devoted to Coco, from the flaps,2.55,J12..all chanel baby!

eBAY scares the heck out me man!!!

Cranberry said...

hahaa cheetarah! Thanks for commenting!
Lol @ wanting the money to show - I KNOW THATS RIGHT! hahaha it sucks when vintage stores try to sell you really ratty products just because it bears a label -*rollseyes* - Anyhooey i can imagine the treasures in vintage markets in london *shivers* - but yes!! totally going over to check out your purse blog! And we are in solid agreement about EBay haha.

Missy said...

Those purses are too die for, not so much a Chanel fan myself, prefer Louis Vs but I would rock the Chanel 2.55! Hot post.

kimberly said...
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