Saturday, August 2, 2008


Its been awhile! (you could say that again lol)

I have No explanations for the absence - I am just ashamed of myself lol..
This is Dee blogging by the way!!

I have so much Back lemme just start with the cherry blossom show...i promised pictures...and didnt deliver...which sucks....But i have some here!! ....Anyhooo here we go>>>>>>>>>>>

The show was really cool...problem was...we had NO we made impromptu calls to our sweet wonderful friends...nkechi, vel, robin and naima who THANKFULLY were available! (love you guys!!)....anyway from what i can REMEMBER lol, it was fun! - It had unique concept in that it was a STILL fashion show...No catwalk basically...the models were manniquins(basically standing in a pose for an amount of time) - (imagine having to tell that to people doing you a favor who just though they would do a walk and be outtie lol) really thank God we have awesome friends!

So anyway - pictures speak louder than words!!

*Meanwhile i am sooo obsessed with Little Jackie's - the world should revolve around me..I share her sentiments! It is also the sound track to I love New york's new show (hiss)...

Its Blogging season lovies!! I am back with a vengeance! lol...

Cranberry Kisses!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank God...stalking season is OVER!

Zena said...

Please don't do dat again, seriously, like what the hell

Glad ur back girls,

Cranberry said...

Sorryy Zena!!! "Insert guilty face here"