Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hello all! Its been tooooooooo long, and I cant even come up with a plausible reason for ignoring our blog all this time. I guess sometimes, one just has to live and breathe!!! (*insert shy face*)
First of all - happy summer!! Yeah i know its practically over, and for those among us who work, it was hardly a holiday to write home about, save the heat, but I must say summer is simply blissful! I have eaten well, slept well, partied hard, all around been highly self indulgent, and loving every moment of it!
What are your summer must haves? Mine are:

DRESSES!!! I'm proud to say that no pair of jeans or pants of any sort have touched these lovely legs since the month of May...i think summer was all about the dresses! Short, flowery, floaty, bohemian, you name it! I love love love love love dresses...... I remember a time i went through a shorts phase (about 3 summers ago) that resulted in over 20 different pairs of shorts in all shapes colors and sizes (le sigh..)

**Of course the Hater-blockers! We all love the summer sun, but that doesnt mean our eyeballs have to become burning balls of fury..we all need that fancy gear protecting our precious eyes, and of course making us look hella fly in the process...

^^^^**Chapstick!! yes believe it or not, im obsessed not with lipgloss or lipstick but with chapstick!!! My name is Ozzy and I cannot live without my cherry chapstick...true story! I just need my lips moisturized all the time without being sticky especially in the heat..ugh! I hardly even wear lipstick with gloss...i guess im just not a lipgloss person***^^

and this seasons must haves!------> Gladiator sandals! I hate to be a total trendie but I cant help but love gladiators...ive always been a flats/sandals sort of person so this was like icing on my cake...i absolutely fell in love with my regular knock about ones i got from BCBG which are gladiator jellies...loves em! I hope it doesn't get cold till October I still have some gladiator left in me to give!

Movies!! I love summer blockbusters...We totally had a SEX & THE CITY-TI-TI.. night..(dressed up, had cosmos and then saw the movie) and it was welllll worth the wait!!! Iron Man was another killer! Seriously this movie was spectacular, I know the buzz is all about Batman (more like Heath Ledger) right now, but ive never been a Batman fan, so im still 'planning' to see it, but Iron Man totally made my summer, I cant even remember anything else I've seen that I loved even half as much. And of course Mamma Mia, although im obsessed with Abba so the movie could really do no wrong for me! Right now i wait with bated breath for Harry Potter IX : Half blood Prince!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! If you havent already checked it out...Do!!

BEYONCE! I cant get enough of this woman even if I tried, and even though she is conspicuously missing from the scene, I still glow with joy at the little snippets that we starving Stans get once in a while, so enjoy one of my favorite flicks of my beautiful B from the summer!

Aint for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..and finally GIRLFRIENDS!!! An all year round must-have...they rock!!!!

Okay, Ive taken my break/ self distraction from sewing.....

Peace, love, Beyonce & Cranberry Kisses!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Holler!!!!!!!!!! I haven't worn a pair of jeans this summer either. All dresses and leggings! You guys make great clothes. Keep it up and good luck.

Igbo Kwenu!

Anonymous said...

Wow the girls are back in town! wohoo!!! Show stoppers! cant wait for the new season's collection I MUST OWN A CRANBERRY DRESS!

Anon-2 :) x

Cranberry said...

Thanks guys!!! At Anon 2...thanks for the passion to own a dress..we really appreciate your enthusiasm!!

Lish said...

The whole post was comical!!! thankyou for brightening up my work day! lol

Anonymous said...

Will this Beyonce Obsession never stop? Ah ah!