Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So I got a look at the September issue of Vogue and I totally lurrrrrveee the way Keira Knightley looks. Apart from the cover look (which pays homage to Yves Saint Laurent), the feature story shows Miss Knightley looking totally vamp with 30s/40s glam makeup. OMG....she looks like a totally different individual...make up is indeed damn near from that though...the clothes...kill me now..hahahaha.....I want them sooo much...that Yves Saint Laurent nylon dress is the bee's knees!!!I dont know why its not in my closet! Hahahaha....I absolutely love all the outfits and I would sell my sister if they would miraculously appear in my closet...sorry Dee!!!

Anywhoo....seeing these pictures reminded me of last summer when me and my friends were obsessed with Betty Page. We are the greatest fans of anything vintage....yeah if its vintage we will totally eat it totally cliche...hahaaha....but we were at my place watching like a gazillion old movies when we came across this movie not on TCM but on another channel...maybe Lifetime (cus we do watch that a lot too). It was called the Notorious Betty Page. Long story short...she was a Pin Up girl and bondage model...(no it wasn't that kind of movie :) ) It was a fun movie...we saw how someones life could totally change and she was soo innocent...she really didnt know what she was doing....but yeah I'm blabbing....Basically we loved her hair and she inspired us to try more inventive 40s hairstyles. This of course led to dressing like we were in the 40s...accesorizing (sp) with brooches and what nots...and wearing 40s inspired makeup....I can bet ppl who didnt know us got a lil irritated...hahahaa....yeah watever....

PS: As you can see even Baby Ashley got in on the fun!!!

Miss Page

Us girlies!!

In the spirit of reinventing oneself, I leave you with Solange's new vid...Sandcastle Disco....I love how she looks when she dances on top of the soup can...And YES I am totally digging Solange!!!



xoliquoricexo said...

solange looks fantastic! totally digging her hair.


tee mee said...

yes, as a fellow nigerian i rembr my bettie page phase...gash it did cost quite alot though. Thank God im still into the very affordable "boys clothes with subtle female accesories that is not quite androgynous" phase.

As for solange.,..i guess its just me, but i think she trying too hard. oh well kudos to her.

Cranberry said...

@tee mee...its funny...a friend of mine said the same thing about solange least shes trying sha! Bigups!

btw...i just lurve ur new phase...hahahhaha!!

Missy said...

You and your friends are super cute! I'm going to copy you guys and do the Betty Page!!

Bebe said...

You guys have sooo much fun!! Im jealous!

Cranberry said...

Thanks Missy! @ Bebe...hahahahhaha! You are funny!!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture girls are so beautiful