Sunday, August 24, 2008

Veronica Lodge!!

Remember Archie!
Remember Jug head!
Remember Betty!! err Loser much?!
( dude she waited Archie for too damn long -- girl move on?!!)
Remember Reggie !

Sigh*...Remember Youth.....AGE CURSE YOU!!!*shaking fist in the air*

I Found an old copy of Archie lying around my APT and it took me back to my obsessive days of borrowing, stealing and buying Archie comics like it was CRACK!
In the old days i must admit I never knew what was so hot about Archie...with his freckled, red headed ass lol...He had both Veronica AND Betty Panting after him ??!!...wait a second....DUDE... veronica and Betty are so vintage Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston!!..haha.
In the NEW day i still dont know whats so hot about Archie...i mean Reggie we are talking.....Reggie could get it lol...

When i was little, i was a Betty Fan...Go Betty!!...still hoping that the good would trump the evil ....wishing fervently that Betty would finally show Veronica pepper...err yah...Angelina got Brad Pitt at the end of the day...Life doesn't work like that folks!....Sad.

Anyhooey I remember lusting after Veronica's cute wardrobe...she was so trendy with her little minis and cocktail dresses....totally a comic style icon ...

She is so trendy!

So on that note, to Veronica i dedicate my Blog...for being ...One of the best examples of a spoilt, rich, daddy's girl with A fabulous wardrobe full of outrageously expensive designer outfits....she impresses and Oppresses simultaneously (bitch)...without her...We wouldn't have Blair Waldorf ...there would be no sweet sixteens....and we definitely would not know what to be *CLUELESS* about!

* Lifting glass solemnly*

Moving on....

on ANOTHER Veronica Lodge Note...She also did have the sweetest Bangs!! Totally a Bangs Pioneer lol...and with that ....i introduce a little segment called " When Bangs happen to good people"
Which in a nutshell is basically hot ways to wear bangs DEMONSTRATED by really fab girls!


And woohoo all this attention on bangs is of course for a purely selfish reason *blush* - i have bangs! chopped off my hair - I am plenty sure i would regret it someday but for now...I am loving it!!!lol

Like Joan said in her last blog, A black mini is very necessary...I am wearing a H&M mini which i got a MILLION years way i like it....a white tee shirt from H& M..and a Zara Blazer. The belt i also got a million years ago when i was into the rock studded look...i look at it from time to time...and go ...hmm toss??...but somehow it manages to escape my salvation army bag...its a very simple easy to wear outfit!
And sob** My holiday is OVer....sigh*...wish me luck this semester! Its now time to pull out my dental Blue scrubs...BAH* :(
Cranberry Kisses!!!


Anonymous said...

Mann...I was ADDICTED to Archie's growing up. Sadly, I sold my collection and gave the money to my mom. We had a garage sale since we were moving away and needed the extra cash. (The comics I had were collecters items!) Veronica was cool...she has style! But I'm such a Betty, to a tee!

Hope you girles had a good weekend. Glad you're interested in my new movie project!

Cheetarah said...

I was such a Vero! I always wanted her to get Archie! did not get the goody goody of Betty at all, and Jughead was kinda cute no? Gosh this just took me back must txt my brothers! Did you ever watch the banana spilts? Was shown on 9ja telly, i tink..aldoe i get confused now coz as a kid we had many tapes recorded from Jand & Yankee messed us up,lol!

Anonymous said...

Archie + Betty=EVER LASTING LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica was there just to spice things up.

xoliquoricexo said...

cutest post everrr!


Mia said...

I love your outfit!! and I was always a veronica fan. Say no to blondes!

Elle Woods said...

argh...i loved archie....still buy it. I was more a betty fan tho...cos veronica was so spoiled. But i do have to agree that veronica's closet was fierce!
The Bangs look good tho!:)

williams west said...

Archie comics were cOoL baNaNas!
and yes Veronica was a total hottie, but I'm sure everyone had a soft spot for Betty.

Love the bangs, or fringe as we residents of England like to call it...oh, and Jughead was way hot in that nerd kinda way...!




I heart those comics!The illustrations were super.Nothing like a girl working some hot bangs!
kisses Ladies,

Cranberry said...

Thanks guys!! I am glad y'all had fun with the archie post!!

M or M said...

i love the hair!!