Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I need my Camera!!!!


I am soo craving Nigerian food right now... The entire weekend has been spent searching for a Nigerian restaurant here in harlem and we havent been able to find any. We did find one in Brooklyn tho but since I have a lazy gene...it has been proving very difficult to find our way there :( so I remain hungry and continue to dream of Jollof rice and assorted meat...which is probably the only thing on the menu that is available....I don't know about you guys but every Afrcan restaurant I have been to has issues with their menus...I went to one in Silver Spring last yr and instead of me ordering my food...the waitress ordered it for me because they had run out of all the other things on the menu...she was like "There's no meat..only chicken and theres only fanta" so I had rice, chicken and fanta....and I swear its like that everywhere...in Birmingham, I went to this Nigerian place and we could only have the asterixed items on the menu and after we chose our food dude comes out of the kitchen and says "Its Monday, no meat".....Funny times yo. 

Anywayyy...I got a really nice metallic dress...yayyy!!! it didn't cost too much and it was what I wanted!!! however I have no pics of me in my dress :( ( I didnt take my camera to NY and I am waiting on Abby to upload the pics) but anyway it was hot!! I loved it! The weekend itself was nice...got to see Abby and Ozzy for the 1st time this yr and we just hung out...went shopping (yayyy!)...ate out ( double yayyyy) but didnt see any movies (booo) We took pics too but they are with Abby...oh and it was superbowl weekend too so it was great...I am so happy for the Steelers team and coach Mike Tomlin who is now the youngest coach to ever win a Superbowl...YAYY!!! and he is black too so woohooooo!! in general the weekend was fun and I can't wait to do it again. 

So Valentine's day is next weekend...ooooouuuweeeeee.... I wonder what I am gonna get... :) or if im gonna get anything :( hmmm i better be getting something unless theres gonna be some explaining to do!!! hahaahhaha....Anyway..what have you guys planned for Valentines day....i hope everyone has something fancy and exciting to do!! sigh...i wish someone wud just surprise me with a trip somewhere :) hint hint that wud be soo greaatt! On the more plausible side, confessions of a shopaholic  is out on the 13th so I guess I shall be watching that whether or not I have a date for valentines day :) 

Anyway right now...I am dying of hunger and I have to focus my energy on ordering something from seamlessweb.com...i swear it is like the coolest website in the worlddd!!!check it out guys!!!

ok bye guys...will be back soonest :)


TheGlamorousEccentric said...

i know there is an ethiopian restaurant in harlem around 112th. that is very vague lol but maybe helpful?

Anonymous said...

lmao @ your take on african restaurants. U girls are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

"Its Monday, no meat"

lmao. this comment had me rolling! I love this blog. You people should not leave again.

Misan said...

LOL..but it is the truth. sorry I don't have any Nigerian places for you. not in your country.wish u the best in finding a place!

Cranberry said...

@ glam eccentric...thanksss!! I really appreciate...never tried ethipian food b4 but theres a time for everything rigghhht??

@ anon 1 n 2...thanks...appreciatee it!!!

@misan...thanks anyway...