Friday, January 30, 2009

Trends: Metallics!

It's hard to not love metallic dresses because they turn you from drab to glam in seconds. I am so in love with the Louis Vuitton dress in the picture above...I can already picture myself in it..ahhh! divine!! Makes me want to go out and empty my bank account :( Anyway, this weekend we should be in NY trying to paint it red...hahahaha...Its the first time I'm going to see my girls this year and I'm hoping it will be fun. I still can't believe I missed Inauguration :( least I had fun in the UK....Back to the topic...I really don't have anything to wear this weekend...I need to goo shopppinnngg!!!!!!!! or stop going out :( Anyway I'm looking to wear something metallic so as I go shopping today pls pray for me that I find something and that I don't have to empty my bank acct :( Look below for metallics in Spring RTW 09 from some of our fav designers!!


And here is my best gal Ozzy looking hot in metallics!!!

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Temite said...

I love your blog. I love fashion and design. se

Dorah said...

Good times!
Glad y'all are back. Cute pictures too!

Cranberry said... your blog too!
@ Dorah...we are back oo...its a new year and we are trying to stay on top of our game!

bighead said...

joan, amaka, and oseyi...take a look at the picture on the right of ur know the picture, of ur fashion forward maidens you should also credit urself for the metallic trend.

kudos binches

Dorah said...

Hellz yah...Hopefully I'll run into you guys at a party. HOLLER!!!!!!!! I'm wanna learn how to sew and maybe start my own fashion line. You girls inspire me...HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elle Woods said...

Welcome back!! Im loving Ozzy's dress!

virgos lounge said...

i love this blog too..glad ur back!

GamineChic said...

Saw the metallics on the runway

looked stunning

love em now.

great blog, keep it coming

i am totally into fashion n design, it wont tell on my blog,maybe, but things will soon change!!

milan here i comes!!!

Anonymous said...

great post! u girls are too fab!