Thursday, January 29, 2009

Naija Fever!


Ok I'm back and I am here to stay. I promise.  Pinky promise. Scouts honour. Cross my heart. Hahahaha. I have missed blogging and like always I am sorry. As Ozzy said in her previous err post :) ...we will try to be more efficient with this blog. We would like to thank all the ppl that follow this blog...we lovee guys are great and we promise to make this blog more fun for you guys... :) 

Anywayyy.....OMFG ...we went to Nigeria this Christmas..yayyyyy!!!! I really really REALLY hate to say this but mehn once I got out of that airplane....I JOAN CAVEN was hit by CULTURE SHOCK! hahahahaha. I mean its not like I didnt live in Nigeria for more than 10 years of my life so what the hell was going on??? 
First of all there were wayyy too many random ppl just walking around in the airport (we arrived at Nnamdi Azikwe Airport in Abuja) and those random ppl looked like they hadnt slept in ages...meaning they were equipped with blazing red eyes...(oh lawd I hope u guys dont think im insulting Nigeria...i love my country...I sweaaaarrr!!!) 

2. I can almost swear that the thermostat in Nigeria is broken cus that heat is not a joke. Abuja was blazing hot like my eyeballs were POPPING from the heat...sunglasses are a definite MUST in that state. 

3. The stench immediately we got out of the plane was memorable. I'm gonna leave it at that...LOL.....I feel WICKEDDD.....but im just reporting how I being truthful ( New yrs resolution) 

4. NEPA!!! In Abuja there was basically light all the time which was great...but in the village we were basically 24 hrs with the gen.

5. You see...we are Igbo and like most Igbo ppl, we just had to be in the village for the holidays...I think its a must for NdiIgbo....but lets just say that I saw things that I didnt have to was a harsh 5 days....and i would just rather forget it. However one thing I didnt mind seeing was the farm where I saw how pineapples greww!!! Okay Im sorry I just didnt know pinepples grew from their crowns?? ( the green tops of the pineapple...hahahha..I dont know what they r called sorry). The ppl in the village are pretty nice tho. BTW..Ive never drank so much Hot maltina in my life. :(

6. The food....its everything tastes so much better....I ate like 5 times a day....the Chinese food is sooo sicckkk!!! I really miss it... and of course the time I was leaving Nigeria...I was actually tired of eating Suya....but that ish is sooooo GOOD!!!!

7. OMFG....everyone uses cell phones now...and I mean the village you see ppl at the stream fetching water with their cell phones...hahahahhaha...its awesoooommmeee!!!!

Okay I'm drawing a blank here.....I think thats all I can remember.....I know I sound like one of those annoying ppl that just loveee to hate on Nigeria.....I dont hate it...I love it but I just have to take it one step at a time.....Im going back this yr again but I think I'll just go to Lagos..Las gidi right...hahahahahha...hopefully that trip will be sooo much better....

Hahahaha...before i forget look at these clips....they are hilariouss!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

And this one...

Like I said previously...We will be updating frequently this yr....We really missed you guys and we will let you know of our upcoming projects :) Stay blessed and Happy neww yr guysssss!!!


PS: Everyone NEEDS to see JENIFA


J'Adore Fashion said...

Lmao at your experience, if u had this shock with Abuja airport, be prepared of Lag airport because my friend landed to NO nepa in the Lagos airport :( --u got to love that country ;-)

Sharon said...

What sort of story is this? Was Nigeria that bad for you?

If you do not appreciate your country please stay in the winter this christmas.

Sharon said...

And you can delete it if you like.

Doreen said...

Sharon luv, dont get offended lol!...Nigeria was awesome in some ways and ... QUITE different in other ways...

Everyone has a right to their Own experiences..right?..

And also a right to speak about it...on their blog ..abi?

No deletions necessary :)

@ J'adore - Loll i think i wouldnt have cared at all about landing in Lagos!!!!...cus i wanted to be in Lagos sooooooo bad!!...BUT unbeknowst to us our sweet wonderful daddy had scheduled five days out of our 10 days in the village....hmmmph lol...i cant lie i had a good time, a sick time, an angry time, a shocked time....i had ALLL kinda times in Nigeria! lol...that country can bring out your stagnant emotions like i dont know what! lol....

Doreen Caven

Cranberry said...

Hey Sharon...I hadn't been in Nigeria in a while soo its normal to have culture shock right? Get it right I appreciate and love my relax k...

@J'Adore...omg at ur friend's experience...must have been something...ahhh Nigeria!!!


Original Mgbeke said...

Oh yeah Naija is off the hook now. I think you would have had a great time in Lagos though. It does tend to be a shocker when you haven't been back in a minute. I'm glad y'all went safe and sound.

I think EVERYONE has seen Jenifa. That has to be the most popular Naija movie right about now..I mean even my homegirl from Ghana was talking about it.

Cranberry said...

lol @ original ur name btw...yeah i think that movie is pretty popular....normally i hate movies with subtitles but this one was hilarious!!! and the next time im in Nigeria..i'll def. be in Lagos :)

AnyaPosh said...

hahaha...those clips were hilarious! I'm glad y'all had fun in Naija..I didn't go this year but hopefully next year. I live in Abuja & I dunno how people handle the stress in Lagos. Oh well...i'm glad you ladies have returned to blogville with your doses of real life & fashion. Happy New year!