Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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First things first, can someone explain to me the stalkerific concept of twitter? Is it really just facebook-status-updating on E? I'm terrified that I am becoming old, and my generation is of Hi-5 and facebook, and twitter is to me as facebook is to them, some new unexplored mystical terrain...HELP!!!!!

Moving along...I have been MIA, apologetically so, I just find it challenging to commit to the blogging thing, I've never been able to write under pressure :) Also I'm working on my senior thesis as its my last semester at Parsons (yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!) and I have to create a good enough portfolio to plunge into the working world (GULP). Anyways, just a little bit of what I have been up to:

No, that picture is not up there because of my FORMER love affair with the magazine. I actually Interned for 2 weeks at the teenvogue fashion closet.... *insert shy face* ---> and then I quit. Lets just say fashion is a great and fantastic and fabulous from the outside...WAY outside :).. (i,e, on MTV watching the Hills in the comfort of my bedroom!!) No, noone was particularly nasty or mean, it was just like walking on broken glass....unspeakable pressure (Running into Anna Wintour at the elevator and not knowing if I should reference devil wears prada and wait for the next elevator like a humble minion), and working from 9am in the morning till 10pm at night? NO ma'am! Plus, I really had to re-evaluate the fabulousness of saying I worked at teenvogue as opposed to the practicality of getting a proper design internship and in the end, good sense won over ego....was an intimidating and interesting experience while it lasted though!!!!!!!

So who else got thrills up their spine when Beyonce performed at the Oscars (If you're a B hater, you know the drill)...i just love my BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish she would star in a broadway production, it would suit her so much better than movies in my O...

So NY fashion week has come and gone (thank GOD, nothing worse that seeing models roaming the streets and lusting after the tents from afar, plus clubs + lounges acting EXTRA brand new), i think in this so called recession, the last thing on peoples minds/wallets is luxury fashion and it definitely took a hit this year (lots of designers pulled out, most opted for smaller venues and hardly any celebrity appearances (i guess they must pay them to appear??) except the diehards like kanye who were working overtime LOL! Anyway here are a few of my fave looks!(click to make em bigger)

Lately for some reason Ihave become very interested in all American fashion -- Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Coach, Micheal Kors..I have no idea why but I really want to work at one of those places! I love their silhouettes, and maybe its cos everyone is hopping on Europe's d***, it just kinda played itself out. I think Reem Acra is absolutely to die for (Anyone see Halle at the essence launch..i dont know if its the dress or that figure but either way she worked the hell out of it!). Erin Fetherston always amuses me with her little Alice in Wonderland-esque collections, but somehow she manages to pull it together in such a dreamy like fashion & its so pretty and feminine. She kind of looks like her clothes lol. Rodarte for me are a complete mystery, I dont know how they tap into their brand of genious, its like they put their fabric in a blender!!! But somehow they always manage to make it work amazingly. Their clothes are actually becoming more and more wearable too.
While the shows didnt hold much in terms of Wow-zers or shockers this year, the one thing that the child embedded not too deeply in me was completely enthralled by was the barbie 50th anniversary collection by various designers and their interpretation of barbie... I loved it!!! fab fab fab..if there is one universal style Icon (remember primary school bringing your barbies to school after exams...what little black children with nappy hair had in common with blonde be-weaved oyinbo barbie I will never know) its BARBIE!!!!! YAY!
ps. And i threw in that ridiculous Ken looking man..can someone say SCRUMPTILICIOUS!

Anyhoo, I will try and blog more often, I just ordered a ship load of fabric from Nigeria and I cant wait for it to get in!! Cranberry is officially back in the swing of things!!!!!!
xo OZ


Cheetarah said...

I know!!! I worked in fashion for 4mths and I ran!!!! I like to think of myself as a fashionista so it was meant to be a dream, but i guccied out of dere fast because living in ysl,armani and co is fab from the outside but working in it kills the fun.

minhile to ur previous post J'ADORE BALMAIN AUSSI!!! check out redcarpet fashion awards, Catherine is my fav blogger and she covers the runway and red carpet like no1!!!

As to working all american, i know u can get an internship at marc from the webbie or if u fancy london, check the the london sch of fashion website careers and inch whats there, I did,lol!


Anonymous said...


come up and see me sometime