Sunday, April 22, 2007


Soooooo we kept it a liddle secret from y'all that we were planning a cranberry photoshoot....We decided that it was time to finally create a look book for clients, both online and also in print, because lawd knows i am sick of directing people to the blog & my space lol....

So last week we decided on April 21st and contacted the photographer of our choice, Bryan Jones (love him) and our makeup artists, Tomara Watkins & Dominique( AWESOME LADIES!!). The hardest part was picking the models we wanted to use, we were looking for girls with different looks to convey the essence of the cranberry girl. We wanted them to not only be beautiful but to also have very interesting be able to look mod, glamorous, sexy, and sooo cool at the drop of the general, we wanted girls who automatically hold your attention...and we were looking for all that in one week...ha ha....since we wanted to shoot a lot of dresses we wanted about 8 or 9 girls.....which we got in a day......yes we got it like that lol.....we wanted to work with girls we had previously worked with (some of them can be seen in the blog about the Cranberry Spunky Girl)....of course we chose Naima and Monica, my favourite pair of also decided to shoot in a studio because we wanted the best lighting in our pictures....BUT as you know you cannot be a perfectionist with only one week at your cant even tell you how many things went WRONG.....first of all we lost the idea of the studio, they were all im just we decided to do it at my house and rent the photography lights from penn camera....that went horribly wrong when we realised that the holding deposit was about 1500 dollars, thats like a frigging gamble yo....and i dont have liver to play around with my credit card like that of course on friday, like 2 girls suddenly decided to let us know that they had to work..and one of them contacted pink eye aka were like ??????? there went our original assignment of clothes...we had to re-organize, re- strategize(if thats a word)!..... so the scramble began to replace them immediately, THANKFULLY we were able to....unfortunately one of the ladies who had to cancel was Naima, who i had envisioned the photoshoot around..:(..well its all good the saturday came was bright and sunny....we cleared out my living room and prepared for the shoot....and it happened!....

Models!Models!Models!...our original picks
but three of these gorgeous ladies dropped out.

We have SOOOO much plans for these is going is our first ever planned photoshoot...hopefully the next one will definitely be planned over a longer period of time...dang i dont know why we are so damn spontanous!.......sigh*...i dont care, i loved it....the makeup artists and photographer and models are all students like us, and we were all trying to help each other.... so.....although we all had very little experience with everything, we had great ideas and loads of enthusiam....and we wanted it to rock the house cranberry style...and when cranberry says its going to be hot...It is always thats why i am so PSYCHED!...nothing can bring me down! wouldnt you like to see them?????...I DO TOO!!! its with the photographer now BAH****:(...we get to see em tommorow tho....yay!!!....i will also tell you how it went ....soon...I promise!

On other news, i have been going out every weekend like i am getting payed, reason is i know my ass is going to be screwed to the reading desk once i start dental school in the fall....this is very random but i find it very funny how many people think my sister, friends & I are very ditzy and not book smart because we like to play dress up and we are into fashion.....the makeup artist, Tomara was in my physics lab group and she was telling me how she felt about us when she first met us, that we would walk into class with huge scarves and sunglasses LOL...and be messing around with the bunsen burner, that she was like, "how the hell are these girls messing around with fire when they are wearing wool scarves around their necks".....had i known she had these thots, i would have burnt her mistake of course....psych naw im just really i get insulted at times shaz...pls respect the Magna cum laude bio/ chem degrees hung up on the Caven's wall, we do it like that.....ANyway back to my point... so even on Friday(the day before the photoshoot) when i got my hot girl friday night, wanna go out call, which i usually SCREEN, i made sure i picked up the phone and said yes!...we had about a million and one things to do but like die hard's we still went out...and after we staggered home from the club (at 3 AM)...we got em done....we eventually went to bed at 9am....and woke up at 9 30am because the makeup artist had arrived :( who asked me to go out?....anywayz today(sunday) is/was my 3 yr anniversary with my boyfriend and i am MAD i was so sleepy that i passed out at his house until it was time for church(evening mass) and chose to go home and sleep instead of celebrating till next yr!!...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BOO!!!.....the things i do for cranberry:(

Rocking new Cranberry minidresses aka freakum dresses @ a party.

Meanwhile, i must speak of my new obsession with old hollywood actress, Rita Hayworth, i have spent many a nights the last month watching ALL ..well specifically ALL of her romantic comedic movies, my top pick is Cover girl...(its on your free movies if you have comcast) it!...she is glamourous, funny, gorgeous and a great dancer...i wish i had her poise sigh*...women these days are like men yo...wanna see a real lady? watch Rita Hayworth in motion...she glides...



Mari said...

When do we get to see the pictures...I can't wait, hehehhehe.
It sucks when you've got stuff planned out to the teeth and then it starts to fall apart. Stuff like that gets to me easily so I bet I can imagine how you all must have felt.

I never watch my free comcast movies but now that you've mentioned, I'll check out "cover girl".

Anonymous said...

waiting for the pictures

Anonymous said...

"pls respect the magna cum laude bio/ chem degrees hung up on the Caven's wall, we do it like that.." please stop oppressing us that ONLY graduated with a cum laude bio/chem degree. lol. i'm still somewhat bitter, i was so close to magna they should have just upgraded me jare..

it is quite offense that people think ur stupid because you like to look good. this was a great read



Nanya said...

I'm sure the pictures will be great especially given the little clip Tminx posted the other day--apparently one/all of you is a director (or producer--whatever the appropriate term is).

Miss PG said...

I dont know why you enabled comment moderation, I can already snuff the haters in the house. It comes with the territory. You will suffer from pgs, people thinking the worst till they get to know you then want to be your best friend, to mask their own flaws and insecurities. Welcome to the club. You really dont need to brag and rub it all in their faces.

It will never matter, they will always nitpick till they can find something, even if its not there. Dont try to prove yourselves to no one. You are FRG's aren't you?!