Tuesday, April 10, 2007


April 5th 2006
The setup was very different from any show i have been to at Howard University, they were having it on the yard ala Nyc fashion week at bryant park....could they pull it off? ....for the very FIRST time in my life i was going to watch a show that i was involved in.....my whole life as a dancer and now as a designer.. has been spent running around backstage so i woke up Excited as hell knowing i was going to watch the show! i loveeee watching shows.!....on the downside the weather was a tad bit chilly but i figured that the tents were going to be heated....ah ah...do they want us to catch pneumonia?....hiss lol....anywayz we got to school an hr before the show started to make our rounds backstage making sure all the clothes fit properly on the models..and making sure we knew were all the clothes were hung to avoid backstage trauma after the show....after that was done...we took our seats in the reserved area...which i must mention were very great seats as compared to the ASA show which had reserved the front seats usually given to designers as VIP seats for **special guests students* while the long suffering designers were left craning their necks to watch their clothes coming down the runway...hiss...Nigerians and their damn lust for exclusivity...anywayz before i totally digress and lose myself in my topic of disdain these days....the stage was set up very with two pink checkered Barbie boxes which were sooooo cute....the runway was covered with pink & purple glitter....i loved it!....the tent idea was also really cool ...i could feel the students eating it up like candy...everybody was really hype and the models did a great job...i didnt think they would pull it off like that...but they really really did...my friend abby's lil sister was around for the show....and it was actually her first EVER fashion show...and i was just thrilled that she had a greaaaaat time watching it....yay!! go lauren!!!!....there literally was no way for anyone to distinguish what clothes were cranberry so we just screamed Cranberrry!!!!! as loud as we could whenever one of our dresses came out on stage lol....people prolly thot we were pyschopath's lol...but who cares lol....

I do have a vid of the show which i will put out later when i have more time...but for now, enjoy some pixels of the event!



stage setup.

Lenny forte

*I just love the dolls in the box idea*....

Cranberry mini dresses( new stuff you haven't seen)


Some pictures i took at the event of Other designers outfits i thot were cute....oh and i really love fawn in that white bikini...fab*



racquelle-cutie said...

wow the designs are awesome

SouLBoutiQue said...

Great! Love it! Ohh how i wish i could have attended, it looked like a Heavy show! And i agree with the seating for Designers at the ASA show, the homecoming show had fabulous seating for their designers...hiss!

well, Keep it UP!!!!!!!!!!
Cranberry!!! LOL.

Bella Naija said...

I hate comment moderation...now I'll be dreamin that I'm 1st! Am I 1st!

Anyways, the setup looks really good, very professional and the clothes....! cottoncandy delicious!
luvv it!

Mari said...

Bravo ladies...seems like you guys are going up the ladder real nice and slow which is great.

Love the set up. Were those people in the doll boxes?

Cranberry said...

Thanks y'all!!!
@ Bella - LOL, yes it does suck!
@ Mari, yes there were people in the boxes before every scene started...so cute.

coolgal said...

bravo ladies! keeep it up! Cranberry forever!

Dammie said...

Awwwwwww, Indeed a lovely set up!!...and fabulous new piece Cranberry!!

Flirtygucci said...

the dresses are like very sexy in a classic way......... seems like i'll hit y'all up for my graduation/b-day dress in d summer

kennie otits said...

ur clothes are gorgeuos!!! Kudos guys! wish i was there to watch it though