Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Okay so I haven't blogged since i dont know when...but I was having MIDTERMS!!! and I am sorry....but I have some piccies....yayyyy!!! I can't really blog about anything so I am just gonna try and put up as many pictures that I can put up.....(Its like my lunch break and I have to get something to eat so forgive me...again!)

...hahahaha....check out Abby as the wicked witch of the west....hilarious!!

hahaha...this dude was so funny...he dressed up as Tyrone Biggums with the ashy lips and everything..he looks JUST like Tyroneee!!!....hahahaha!

Check out!! It is sooo sick...It is run by Oroma Elewa!! Cranberry LURVEESS it!

I don't think I like this Aubrey chick....sorry but shes kinda grimey...

Also Check out love the website!!!!

Thats it for now.....I have to go eat cus I am dying of hunger!!



Kemberly said...

I just know this is you Joan! Lol! You guys have been very creative with your Halloween costumes over the years…let’s see what you come up with this year? :)

Zena said...

You know this was a cop out right?

You guys update properly gosh

Viagra Vs Cialis said...

Cool pictures, like the last with the girl licking the doggy.