Monday, October 6, 2008

I cant believe I'm missing GG for this...

........'THIS' equals being stuck in a school computer lab playing around on Photoshop and Illustrator...Bleh! I wish i was home cuddled under my covers with a cuppa hot tea watching the fabulous Upper east siders battle their shallow problems (seriously, between Gossip Girl and the Hills, I need to pull one of these girls aside and ask them if they need some REAL problems??? I'm more than willing to offload my plate here :)....)

This weekend I have officially crowned myself the ultimate party girl (youth...YOUTH!! this is evidence!)...I realised that were I to be a celebrity, I might not be that nice classy breed that you only see at events and the like...My girls and I just might be the Lindsay Lohans & co stumbling out of the club at 4am with a suspiciously disoriented look in my eyes. I have seriously been on a partying binge from Wednesday night & thurs night (NY - mansion & Marquee respectively)..Fri & Sat in DC (2 Nigerian independence day parties - i need say no more) and back to NY on sunday night (Home/Guesthouse)..... and so I met 11am Monday morning with an emergency call to my doctors office (Do you smoke? - No, Do you drink ---errrrrr...can I even answer socially anymore?) Le sigh..

My birthday has come and gone (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE --- must milk the fab libra month for all its worth ps. Happy birthday to all my fellow librans!!) and it was very...adventurous! Lets just stay the plan started with Kareoke, somehow dabbled into a strip joint (don't ask), and ended up at Guesthouse...eventful no? It was lovely to see all the girls out and about, even those Nigerians that dont understand that Kareoke from 9 - 12 doesnt mean arrive at 12am all decked out and asking 'why are you guys leaving?' errrrrrr......! It was all good though, they were gorgeous for coming out nontheless :) Ran into the fabulous Aggyness Dyen (who posed with the birthday girl aka me!) at Kareoke AND Rosario Dawson (who is a lot more regular looking than i thought...who knew?) and then the FINE FINE FINE Meagan Goode (it was her sisters birthday too!) that was enough to make the night even 10 times more interesting than it already was! Ikechukwu and Sasha also came out for the Guesthouse part of the event, so i have to shout the nigerian celebs out too haha!!

Anyways hopefully a fun time was had by all, (why does there always have to be those crazy 'birthday girl' moments when youre stressing out and wishing you never decided to throw any gig in the first place??? *rolls eyes*)

Anyhoo, finding an apartment in NY is a total BITCH! and therefore I must say i am so relieved to have finally found an apartment with a totally wonderful and the sweetest roomate EVER!!! She is a HE, i.e. yes i am residing with a man, yes my father would have a hernia if he knew, but you know what? living with a dude is a whole lot better than living with a female.. he doesnt care when i have friends over...(and believe me...I HAVE FRIENDS OVER!!)...he takes out the trash and all that...he pops champagne for me on my birthday haha (okay everyone says he has a crush on me but i refuse to believe that part)...and he brings cute friends over (HALLELUJAH!!)... er...I hope a certain someone doesnt read this post :) Ive included some pictures of him and my mini photoshoot that he was gracious enough to shoot LOL...yes did i mention he also serves as our photographer? so...woop woop Henry!!

Anyhoo, I really have to get off the computer now Im a little ashamed, i have some of my classmates here and everytime they come to me to ask about a problem, i see them back away hesitantly as my own photoshop involves a whole bunch of pictures and not so much fashion CAD..(blush)

Ill leave with this absolutely fabulous picture of my girls Nkechi and Nkem ( I missed Nkechis birthday sob sob due to unforseen circumstances (sounds like that came straight from a naija movie) but they were still troopers and showed up at mine looking as gorgeous as always. Aren't they Lover-ly!!!!!!

Later y'all, hope you enjoyed my meaningless garble :)



Anonymous said... tall is agyness deyn again..she dont seem to tall in that pic...i mean for a model..btw, happy birthday...well it looks like you had one anyways


Kemberly said...

Jeeeses!!! I had to do a double take at the end of your post! Yayyy!!! Goes to show I’m an avid reader of your blog! Thanks for the “shout-out” hun…and your birthday…hmm…(thinking about all the random moments)…complete with your very own lap dance!!! I wish I had a camera to capture the looks of extreme horror and discomfort on your face!!! Hahahahahahha!!! But it was fun anyaways…we cannot not have fun whenever we’re all together! Toodles luv!


paris said...

my next roommate will def be a boy or I am moving in alone!

oh! happy bday btw

Zena said...

I hate you (no I don't) Happy Birthday Again, glad u guys had you guys ever take bad pictures? at least put one up once in awhile haba?

lol, cheers

Anonymous said...

ooh the roommate is hot
*clears throat*
I see some sexual happenings in the future..cos you both seem to have chemistry, well i got all that from the picture.. I am such a genuis
Happy birthday..I wish you all that your heat desires

Cranberry said...

@ anon 1 : I knowww! I totally expected her to be taller, but she is so skinnnnyyy and sooo cool!! Her swag is ridiculous...
@ Kem-kem..anytime!!
@Paris, trust me i was nervous at first but im totally loving it! Girls are way too much dra-hamaaaaa!
@ Zena, thanks hun! it was lovely meeting you at the party, although there was a haze of alchohol blinding me, we'll have to meet under better circumstances haha
@ anon 2...abeg oh!!!! LOL..thanks for the birthday wishes tho...

Zena said...

have u guys heard the single, single ladies (put a ring on it)Bee yet?

Zubbie said...

wow, went to a strip joing(stringfellows) for my birthday too. And i was d only female 'non-stripper' there. Got a free 10 minutes nude dance dat i didn't ask for.

And agy is sooo ridiculously fab.

You go girl

Jo said...

Omg...Zena....i just came back from school and I just heard the two songs and I love themmmm!!!!! Yayyy bee is Backkk!!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I officially have a girl crush on Nkem. She's just too fab. That pic of her and her sis is just too much.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yay!! u live with a man! uh hun. thats the smartest thing...and oh,agyness denn...nice!
happy birthday in arreas btw!